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You are thinking of working on a super yacht?
You want to learn more about working on a super yacht?
You want to learn how to get a job on a super yacht?
You want to learn what course/qualifications you will need to do?
You want to find useful links to broaden your knowledge?
You want to learn practical steps you can do to help you stand out from new crew?

This is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking of working on a super yacht, well done Ben for what you have set up
— Captain Barnes (Super Yacht Captain)

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Accurate, informative, honest, and gold dust for anyone wanting to get into the industry”
— iBooks review March 2013
I would definitely say that this is a MUST read for anyone considering going into this industry
— Amazon Review

Thinking of a job on a super yacht can be a wholly daunting process... where to start.... what courses do I need to do... can I really get a job on one of these incredible yachts? Sometimes these questions and uncertainties can make us feel like it is easier to stay in our safe routine back home....however sometimes, stepping out of this all too comfortable existence can open up a whole new world, exciting opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. 
I have created this website and also written an eBook aimed at helping educate potential new crew how to get work on a super yacht, from the first-hand experience I had going through this exciting and at times challenging journey.

I hope you find this website a useful resource for your journey and should you wish to further invest in your knowledge there are links throughout this website directing you to my recently updated book.

Good luck with your journey,

Ben Proctor


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About the author

Prior to yachting Ben Proctor was working in an office job, working a 9-5 Monday - Friday routine. Realising he had become stuck in a rut he decided to take a big step out of his all too comfortable lifestyle and worked hard to ensure he secured a job on his ideal super yacht.

During his time in yachting Ben learnt an enormous amount which he realised would be of great help to anyone thinking of working on super yacht and so www.workonasuperyacht.co.uk and Work on a Super Yacht; The Beginners Guide were born.

His website and book are informative, detailed and an honest account of his time yachting; a very worthy read for anyone considering this line of work.

Ben explains , "I realised I was not happy in my work, life was passing by and I did not want to be retiring with a mountain of regrets. With this in mind I headed out to the South of France in September and to a beautiful fortified town called Antibes. After a couple of months hard work I had secured a permanent job on one of the worlds top charter super yachts.

Yachting has enable me to save more than I could have in 15 years in my previous job. It has provided me with some incredible memories, wonderful friends and taken me to some of the most beautiful places in the world. It pulled me out of my comfort zone and highlighted to me I can achieve my goals.

I want this website and my guide to help other people learn about how to get work in this industry and the realities of such a life on a Super Yacht so they can have a better understanding of the realities of this area of work."


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than the things you did so. So throw off your bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

Explore, discover, dream
— Mark Twain

Work on a super yacht: 

the beginners guide

Ben wrote the eBook to help those considering entry into the super yacht industry to increase their knowledge into this highly competitive industry. It is an honest account of the industry from someone who has been working within this career and learning the realities; both good and not so good. 

It is full of essential information and useful pointers and tips to help you get started as well as a broad spectrum of website links to enhance your knowledge, all from a person who started from the bottom, with no contacts and secured, through determination and hard work, a job on one of the worlds top super yachts.

It is aimed to help the reader learn to stand out from all the competition and assist them on their quest to achieve their dream job.

This is a brilliant book”
— Amazon Review January 2014
Accurate, informative, honest, and gold dust for anyone wanting to get into the industry”
— iBooks Review March 2013
I would definately say that this is a MUST read for anyone considering going into this industry”
— Amazon Review February 2013


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