STCW 95 updated to STCW 2010

Previously called STCW 95 this has been updated to the STCW2010: It stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping

This is the most important, and now an essential qualification and a legal requirement on boats over 24 meters. All super yachts now demand this qualification and you will not be considered without it.  The STCW 2010 now includes the Security Awareness Module.

The course costs around £850-£950 and is normally five days covering the following.

-   First Aid

-   Fire Fighting (two to three days).A very thorough course using breathing apparatus, live fire scenarios and the use of hoses and extinguishers.

-   Sea Survival

-   Personal responsibility

-   Sea Security Awareness Module (new addition to the old STCW95)

There are numerous centres around the UK that run this course. Courses also run (in English) in Antibes in France and other locations around the world. An internet search engine will show the most appropriate course.