A super yacht aimed for the female market...

Super yachts are the ultimate symbol of success, and a new lavish design, conceived by a woman for women, could possibly go on the market soon.

Monaco based designer, Lidia Bersani, has mocked up plans for the spectacular mega yacht, the first-of-its-kind with females in mind. Measuring 80 metres long (262 feet), the spectacular floating cruiser is named La Belle (the beauty) and its sumptuous interiors are in Bersani’s words “in a romantic and warm style using predominantly white, ivory and gold.”

La Belle is a study in opulence with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, floral glass mosaics, mother of pearl and golden taps - you could mistake the bathroom for a jewellery store. The plans include tailor-made fabrics embroidered and studded with gemstones, cream and white coloured marble and onyx used along with bespoke wooden furniture.

Rising over five decks, the craft flaunts a range of special features including lounges and dining spaces with facilities for live music, spa area with hydro pool, sauna, a hammam, snow room and ice fountains. It also includes a small fitness club with an outdoor Jacuzzi, library with a fireplace, a beauty centre, disco, cinema as well as a few bars.

“It was to be designed as a yacht completely different from other luxury boats, standing out, recognisable from a distance, ultra-modern and luxurious, while having a woman's touch,” said Bersani.

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