From deck hand to captain

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" Jason Pliatsikas, Captain of C&NI charter yacht Devotion, tells Camper & Nicholsons more about his background and lifts the lid on what he loves about working in yachting.

Could you tell us a little about your background: what were you doing prior to yachting and how did you end up working in the yachting industry?
Before yachting I was living in Southwest London as a rugby player and personal trainer working with similar clientele to those on yachts. A friend of mine persuaded me to have a look at yachting: he found me a job as a personal trainer on one of the larger yachts and gave me a weeks' notice! After a few minutes of deliberation I accepted and left. Unfortunately the job fell through the morning before I was due to fly to the yacht, but excited and intrigued I took the flight to Nice anyway. With no idea what to expect, I naturally gravitated to Antibes and did some shore based personal training as there wasn't a lot of demand for personal trainers on yachts. On the beach one afternoon someone offered me some "daywork" - and having no idea what that was when I took up the offer. I then had a job for three weeks cleaning a beautiful yacht, and having a great time building a network of friends in this new industry that I previously had no idea existed. I had grown up with boats, mostly sailing as a kid with my grandad (who was a yacht captain), but really hadn't thought about it at all until I came to Antibes. 

When did you first become a Captain and onboard which yacht?
In 2010 I took the chase boat captain role, but my first actual captain position was in 2012 on board a Mangusta 82 with Arneson outdrives.

What do you like most about working in yachting / being a Captain?
It's difficult to say what I like most, I still love to drive the yacht, I enjoy the switch of focus and intensity when navigating through a tricky situation, but also the energy and adrenaline of finishing a successful charter. It's great knowing the team have been successful and I love the pride that comes with seeing everyone happy and content with their work!

What do you think is the secret to a successful charter?
Developing a quick understanding of the client and therefore being able to show them a great time with a personal touch, and always with a smile."


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