YPI CREW Reveals Average Yachting Salaries for 2017


YPI CREW, the leading authority worldwide in yacht crew placement, recently published its Crew Salary Report for 2016/2017. The results are compiled from YPI CREW’s free salary-sharing platform, www.yachtingsalaries.com, which collates salary information from thousands of crew and provides transparency to the yachting industry. The report comprehensively outlines the average salary range for each yacht crew position, from deckhands to captains, benchmarking industry standards and providing a point of reference for employers and crew alike.

The Importance of the Crew Salary Report

The Crew Salary Report’s data is important for both employers and employees in the yachting industry. Employers need to know the current market rate so they can continue to attract top talent. Captains working on their annual budget often find it challenging to allocate specific salary rates to individual roles because the pay ranges are so broad.

Similarly, crew can use the salary report to compare salaries with similar roles to make informed decisions about job offers. Above all, the platform makes job hunting easier for crew who were previously frustrated by the lack of information that surrounded pay. It also reveals how many staff are permanent, temporary, or on rotation, which provides insight into existing opportunities within the market.

How is the Data Collected?

Yachtingsalaries.com has collected 2,500 salary entries since its launch in March 2016. The standalone website will continue to produce reports each November to enable crew salary comparisons from one year to the next. The site works on an honesty-based system, whereby candidates answer a few questions and share their salaries anonymously. In return, they can access specific salary data from people with similar profiles. The site is constantly updated as new salary profiles are added by captains and crew every day.

The results are divided into crew categories, types of contract, and by vessel size, which range from small yachts to superyachts that exceed 100m in length. Crew can filter their searches by the type of yacht or the type of contract.

The Crew Salary Report responds to a real need for transparent information within the yachting industry. It was created with the aim of freely sharing information and making the industry a level playing field for all candidates. Unlike most annual surveys, Yachtingsalaries.com is updated in real time and information can be searched instantly.

Although created by YPI CREW, yachtingsalaries.com is an independent entity, meaning there is no incentive for people to enter misleading information. Members of the community can report any inconsistent or inflated salaries as suspicious and they will be removed immediately from the system to maintain the platform’s accuracy and integrity.

The Report’s Results from 2016/2017 are available in full here

The report reveals the salary information for captains, technical crew, deck officers, chefs, pursers and stews. It compares results from crew working on motor yachts versus sailing yachts, permanent roles versus temporary positions, and salaries from the different size categories of yachts.


YPI CREW has been in the yacht crew placement industry for over fifteen years and prides itself on matching the best candidates with the best yacht crew jobs. Based in Antibes in the South of France – a major Mediterranean yachting hub – the company sources and recruits the best crews worldwide, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs, and interior crew. YPI CREW launched www.yachtingsalaries.com, a peer-to-peer salary comparison website, in March 2016 to add a greater level of transparency to yachting salaries.