hybrid super yacht

The first hybrid super yacht?

Developed by Dutch shipbuilders Feadship, the 83.5m Savannah is the first vessel of this magnitude to feature a blend of single diesel engine – a medium-speed Wärtsilä brand engine that replaces the two higher-rev diesel engines that might conventionally be used – with three gensets, some one million Watts of Li-ion batteries, a propeller, an azimuthing thruster and a streamlined hull shape. While that may mean little to those without an engineering background, the integration of these electro-mechanical components should result in fuel savings of 30 per cent in comparison to other similarly sized yachts.

The yacht also features a propeller that is 40 per cent larger than the norm and Feadship claims that Savannah has a better engine load than any other superyacht. Speaking about the development, the yacht owner’s project manager Ted McCumber said: “It is not the individual technologies used on Savannah that are new in the yachting world – it is the way they have been combined.”


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