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Days of having the biggest seem to be coming to end...

Much talk has surrounded the recently launched Azzam Super Yacht, which knocked the previous number one super yacht, Eclipse off the top spot. However ship yard builders now say the drive now in yacht design is focusing on the interior. 

Instead the focus is on developing interiors that best serve their owners’ lifestyles and hobbies. Lurssen is seeing increased requests for indoor pools, often measuring up to 25 metres in length, and the integration of advanced, streamlined home-entertainment systems that can all be controlled via iPad. For a 90-metre ship the most advanced systems cost between €3-5 million.

Britain’s Andrew Winch Designs, a London-based studio that designs yachts, homes and private aircraft, has also noticed a growing interest in highly personalised interiors. The company regularly sources artworks to decorate its clients’ boats – Matisses, Hirsts and sculptures by Dale Chihuly have all proven popular recently – but specially commissioned original pieces are also frequently requested.

An American client recently enlisted the agency to create a towering, mahogany "tree of life" that would incorporate elements of his country’s wildlife and natural history and act as a learning tool for his grandchildren. Rising through a vast atrium over many levels of the yacht, the tree was decorated with carved butterflies, eagles, cougars and more. It took a team of master craftsmen the equivalent of seven man-years to create the piece.

It is also great to hear assembled representatives’ insistence that sustainability is set to be one of the industry’s main driving factors in the years to come. Peter Lurssen encapsulated this increased sense of environmental awareness by saying that superyacht owners realise that "when the oceans aren’t pretty there’s nowhere for them to go".

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Plans draw for super yacht the size of an oil tanker??

When it comes to the competitive world of superyachts, size appears to be a big consideration. One design firm has taken this to another level and a drawn up plans of a vessel with the dimensions of an oil tanker.

Measuring 918ft in length(double the length of the current largest super yacht.) Plans include a four-storey ski slope - complete with Austrian-themed Apres lodge.

The design is the brainchild of an Austrian firm called MOTION Code: BLUE and is planned to appeal to billionaires in the Gulf, who may like to celebrate their oil-based wealth with a superyacht designed to look like a tanker.

Billionaires will be able to entertain guests across the 11 decks, store five helicopters on board, receive visitors arriving at the three helipads, and relax in the four-deck-high atrium, complete with waterfalls. Plans include eight two-storey VIP suites, another 12 guest cabins, theatres, four beach clubs with access to the sea, concert halls, libraries and offices.  Wet garages will store tender boats and toys including speedboats and jet skis so guests can entertain themselves without having to head to the beach. The enormous area can be explored using custom painted BMW 13 electric cars to zip passengers form one end of the boat to another. 

A Suezmax oil tanker can normally hold around one million barrels of oil and burn up to 60 tons of fuel on a daily basis to power them through the water. 

Good news from crew employment if these plans ever get the go ahead! Although cleaning a vessel this size may put many crew off!
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The future for super yachts... looking bright with numbers of yachts set to grow

The future for the super yacht industry looks very bright, which is great news for crew as with the increased demand for more yachts, that are not only bigger but more sophisticated so the demand for crew will grow.

The below article featured in The Super Yacht Report informs of a predicted 7, 000 new yachts to join the super yacht fleet by 2032. See below article for more information