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Could the Russian economy impact the super yacht industry??

Just as the luxury superyacht industry recovers from the global financial crisis, it sails into another storm as wealthy Russians, hit by the weakened ruble, look set to put off their purchases.

Speaking to CNBC at an industry event this month, the chief executives of some of Europe's leading shipyards expressed their concerns about business from Russia's mega-rich.

"Someone who is ruble-based suddenly has to pay twice as much for a yacht, clearly that must have an impact," Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts, the builder of the world's largest superyacht Azzam, told CNBC.

"Then the overall economic situation in eastern Europe is very difficult and possibly degrading. So far we have seen no impact on our business, but I can see it will get more complicated and more difficult in 2015."


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Plans draw for super yacht the size of an oil tanker??

When it comes to the competitive world of superyachts, size appears to be a big consideration. One design firm has taken this to another level and a drawn up plans of a vessel with the dimensions of an oil tanker.

Measuring 918ft in length(double the length of the current largest super yacht.) Plans include a four-storey ski slope - complete with Austrian-themed Apres lodge.

The design is the brainchild of an Austrian firm called MOTION Code: BLUE and is planned to appeal to billionaires in the Gulf, who may like to celebrate their oil-based wealth with a superyacht designed to look like a tanker.

Billionaires will be able to entertain guests across the 11 decks, store five helicopters on board, receive visitors arriving at the three helipads, and relax in the four-deck-high atrium, complete with waterfalls. Plans include eight two-storey VIP suites, another 12 guest cabins, theatres, four beach clubs with access to the sea, concert halls, libraries and offices.  Wet garages will store tender boats and toys including speedboats and jet skis so guests can entertain themselves without having to head to the beach. The enormous area can be explored using custom painted BMW 13 electric cars to zip passengers form one end of the boat to another. 

A Suezmax oil tanker can normally hold around one million barrels of oil and burn up to 60 tons of fuel on a daily basis to power them through the water. 

Good news from crew employment if these plans ever get the go ahead! Although cleaning a vessel this size may put many crew off!
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Rolls-Royce builds 267ft long super yacht with £80m price tag and its own submarine

Rolls-Royce Marine is building a luxurious £80 million superyacht and the particular highlights of this floating paradise include a cinema, a beauty salon, and a docking station for a six-passenger submarine.

Rolls-Royce Marine is co-designing the vessel alongside master shipbuilders Palmer Johnson, with an asking price of £80million.
Other features include a helicopter garage and 32-ft swimming pool.
With guest accommodations for 16 and crew accommodations for 26, PJ World is truly a go anywhere ship that is expected to be delivered in within 18 months to her owner.
Currently the yacht is being built in Norway.

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New super yacht design, resembling something from a Batman movie

Looking like something more from the set of Batman this latest design of super yacht is likely to form strong opinions!

This latest yacht is hybrid of both design traditions by Sweden-based car designer, Eduard Gray.

The ‘basic’ model of the yacht – or Batmobile – would set you back a cool 20 million euros (£16 million).

It has built-in solar panels which slide out from beneath the yacht’s ‘bonnet’ can be used to power the ship while also acting as an impromptu helipad and concert space.

Continuing the car theme, there is a large space reminiscent of a car showroom and the engines are exposed, visible behind glass walls.

This sleek yacht even has its own matching sports car for those annoying onshore errands for fresh caviar or vintage wine.

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Yacht needing a good ship yard in Florida ...

Super yacht Rockstar was badly damaged when bridge came down on the yacht when passing through. 

The 161-foot boat was being towed from Fort Lauderdale to Miami when a part of broad causeway drawbridge connecting North Miami with Harbor Islands collapsed

Bridge came down on the top part of the yacht next to the hot tub, destroying part of the roof and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage

The yacht was carrying a group of 15 people at the time, but everyone escaped unharmed


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Thinking of a career in the maritime or super yacht industry?

Warsash Academy offering a Careers Open Day on Friday 23 January 2015

The "days aim to give visitors an insight into what a career in the maritime industry has to offer, and the training programmes necessary to become qualified as a ship's navigation, engineer or electro-technical officer in the merchant navy and the superyacht industry."

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UKSA re-launches Super Yacht Cadetship

The well known and respect UKSA has re-launched its superyacht cadetship

Crew training provider UKSA has announced the re-launch of its superyacht cadetship programme. 

The re-launch is taking with a more evident towards superyachts, and is being renamed the Professional Yacht Bursary Scheme (PYBS). The PYBS, with UKSA, Seafarers UK and Trinity House, will be offering varying levels of membership, including the chance to become part of the PYBS’s new steering groups. 

The Crew Report sat down with Emma Baggett, UKSA industry and cadetship manager, and David Squire, UKSA maritime training ambassador, to find out why and how.

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New sailing super yacht set to break records...