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Monument Valley, Utah

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Living Conditions On Board:

It is usual to share a cabin; normally a narrow single bunk bed. Often there is only one cupboard, two if lucky and a small en-suite is shared consisting of a shower, toilet and basin. The cabins vary from two to three persons sharing and I have yet to hear of a four bedded one though am sure they exist. They are often small. Occasionally there is a desk but normally there is just a walk-way between the bunks to the en-suite. Generally the larger yachts tend to have larger crew areas though this varies and is dependent on the design specifications of the yacht. There is usually one crew mess but more on the larger yachts. These form the area for crew meetings, eating, socialising and watching television. The crew mess will often have fridges with drinks and cupboards containing snacks and cereals. They also often have built-in entertainment systems with numerous movies and music accessible via an Ipad. Most yachts provide all toiletries for crew. They also provide snacks which are freely available as well as fizzy drinks, fruit juices, beers and wine. I found these perks such a joy and became an expert in the best fragranced Lynx shower gels and whether the Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion razor was the best! Coupled with this, all food is provided by some of the best chefs. Our meals would regularly consist of steak, lamb, chicken, fresh fish, mussels, curries; and suffice to say I have never eaten such a diverse and high quality of food in my life. Adding these benefits to a monthly wage and taking into account that there is no spending on food, accommodation or toiletries, it is possible to save most of your monthly salary. My only expenses were entertainment in the evenings and weekends, i.e. a trip to the cinema, meals or drinks out. We also had access to cars hired for the yacht at each harbour (normally up to three for 16 crew) giving us freedom at weekends. So it can be seen that there are great bonuses and that crew are normally very well looked after.

However there are also sacrifices to be made living on board a yacht. All your personal habits will be known when sharing a cabin! There is limited personal space save your bunk bed and although the crew mess is a sociable area it is often difficult to watch a film in peace without someone interrupting. Many captains run strict policies where only crew are allowed on the yacht, hence friends have to be met in bars. If in a relationship with a non-crew member, it may be necessary to meet at hotels for weekends.

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Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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