Not only is having the best looking and biggest yacht important in this industry, but having the best toys on board is also a very important factor with these yachts. Most yachts will have a comprehensive selection of wind-surfing and kite-surfing equipment, inflatable tow-able toys, wake-boards, mono and water skis as well as dive equipment and often sailing dinghy’s all on-board.  This can be a great positive for the crews on-board, especially for deck crew that will often use and teach guests how to use each toy. The toys on-board are becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated allowing guests (and crew!) even greater experiences on-board. 

A selection of some of the more luxurious toys have been listed below.

Jet Skis

A standard addition on pretty much any super yacht are these, they are fun for not only the guest but also the crew as well. These jet propelled machines are highly manoeuvrable and fun for messing around on the water.

Jet Surf

This is a high tech motorized surfboard (made from carbon fibre), that allows the rider to have a surf board like experience without the need for a wave, see below video for more information.


A popular addition to lots of yachts, popular on charter yachts, frequently these go from the top of the yacht into the sea, great fun. These are great for guest but hard work for crew to set up, often requiring large storage areas once folded up. 


Some of the larger yachts are now carrying on board submarines, allowing guests the joy of not only enjoying their time above the water but also below. 

Sea Bobs

The SeaBob is effectively a cross between a jet-ski and a body-board - leap through the waves, or turn downward and head for the ocean floor with speed, grace and agility.

The Fly Board

The Fly Board is a water jet powered board which connects a Jet-ski and allows underwater propulsion and flights of up to 12 meters in height. The Fly Board water hose is connected to the back of the Jet-ski.

The Hover Board

This allows its users to fly up to 5 metres above the water at speeds of up to 40km/h depending upon the jet ski used. With the Hover Board, your feet are perpendicular to the board using slip-in bindings such as on a kite-board. 

The thrust from the jet ski is routed through an 18-metre long hose up to the Hover Board. The PWC then follows behind the rider giving them the freedom to surf among the waves.

Jet Pack

Powered by either a 220hp to 260hp  4-stroke engine the pod pumps water up through a 10 meter long hose into the jet pack, worn on the back of the rider. The rider is able to direct and control the speed of water coming out of the jetpack thus controlling height and direction achieving a stable and controlled flight, which can last for up to 2-3 hours. With a 10kg carbon frame the pack is light and easy to use with an intuitive throttle grip to control power.


As you can see the above provide exciting experiences for both the guests as well as the crews on-board.