Super Yachts

Sometimes referred to as mega yachts or even giga yachts. A super yacht is a very expensive, privately owned, professionally crewed sailing or motor yacht. A super yacht is considered over 24 metres (79 ft).
— Wikipedia

Suffice to say these are beautiful yachts that are immaculately maintained, providing a six star level service and one of the absolute epitomes of stature money can buy.  Super yachts are the absolute height of luxury and although the industry was affected by the recent recession in respect to crew jobs and wages. However the recession days seem to have passed now and the number of yachts is ever growing , not only in number of yachts available but the size as well. Along with this this industry growth comes the demand for new crew.

Currently the largest operational super yacht is ‘Motor Yacht Azzam’, which knocked Mr Abramovich’s yacht ‘Eclipse’ off the top spot in April 2013. Its overall length is 180 meters, requiring a rumoured eighty strong crew. Speculations as to its actual cost are rife, but figures of over 600 million have been documented. Eclipse, the former largest super yacht, is said to accommodate some thirty guests in fifteen cabins, with a 16m swimming pool and a three-person leisure submarine. It is also said to house three helicopters. There is a great deal of secrecy surrounding many of these yachts, making them so valuable to their owners. The yacht is their haven of peace and privacy, as well as a symbol of wealth and status.

Currently the top 100 super yachts in the world range from 180 to 75.75 meters. The running costs vary but it is estimated that it is approximately 10-15% of the original price of the yacht; e.g. a yacht just over 60 meters (purchase price around £60 million) would cost around £6 million per year to keep operational.  As of 2015, yachts above 100 metres (328 feet) are still rare but increasingly more common, with 35 on the water. They typically have five decks above the water line and one below. 

Super yachts have different itineraries depending on the owners’ requests. The majority from April to early October will be in the Mediterranean, making this an ideal time and place to look for work. Some will remain in the Mediterranean for the UK winter either in dock or in a shipyard for maintenance work. Others will head to the Caribbean, America (Fort Lauderdale in Florida) or increasingly popular destinations are the Pacific and Indian Oceans. A small minority may be involved in around-the-world trips heading anywhere…even to Antarctica.

Between 1997 and 2008 there was a massive growth in the number, size, and popularity of large private or super luxury yachts in the 24-to-70-metre (79 to 230 ft) size range. Luxury yachts, megayachts, or superyachts typically have no real home port as such, although a yacht must be registered in a port of the country where its flag state is registered. Popular flag state registrars for large yachts are Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Isle of Man, and the British Virgin Islands, among others. (Many times the yacht will have never been to these ports.) 



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