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Ben Proctor, creator of this website has also written a comprehensive book packed with information for anyone thinking of working on a super yacht

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Personal accounts from Ben of his time on the yachts

Essential courses to do prior to leaving, without which you can not work on a yacht

To do list to sort before leaving to work on a super yacht

How to write a CV for working on a yacht, what to include in this and how to sell yourself based on your previous experience

Tips to help you stand out when looking for a job

Great advice on dock walking and maximising job opportunities through crew agents

A list of technical jargon used on yachts to help you understand some of the basic terminology

More useful website links

More information on the realities of working on a super yacht

Packed full of essential information to help you stand out of the crowd and equip you with the essential skills to help you to secure a job on a super yacht.


This eBook is aimed at those considering entry into the super yacht industry to help increase their knowledge into this highly competitive industry. It is an honest account of the industry from someone who has been working within the industry and learning the realities; both good and not so good. It is full of essential information and useful pointers and tips to help get you started. 


Work on a super yacht:

the beginners guide

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