Types of Super Yacht

There are two main types of super yacht – motor and sail. Generally the work on sailing yachts will be more hands-on for crew with the actual sailing of the yacht. These yachts tend to employ crew with good sailing experience. 

The motor yachts tend to involve more cleaning than sailing yachts due to being generally larger in volume with more surface area to clean and their fumes producing more dirt. 
It is likely that on a sail yacht you will be working in closer proximity to your crew and guests, mainly because their deck and interiors are smaller than that of a motor boat.

The yachts will generally be used for private use or charter, or a combination of the two.
Private yachts are used solely by the owner. Monthly wages are usually slightly higher compared to a charter yacht, commanding up to an additional 500 euros a month more for junior crew. It is less likely that the owner will tip, although some do.

Charter yachts are rented out to paying guests (charter clients or guests) who pay large sums of money to hire. It can cost up to one million euros a week. The fee only includes the hiring of the yacht and crew. It does not include food, wine, fuel, crew tips, or berthing fees (berthing alone can cost up to 2,000 euro a night). To cover these costs there is an additional fee, normally around a 10-15% of the charter fee and there is an expected (but at the guests discretion) 10-15% crew tip. 
Though these yachts are chartered the owner may still use them for their personal use at allocated times through the year. One I worked on was only used by the owner twice a year. These dates were booked a year ahead and for the remaining time it was available for charters. Normally significantly more can be earned on a charter yacht because of the crew tips. For this reason it can be harder to get work on these due to the volume of applicants, especially if new to the industry.  Charter yachts as a very general rule tend to have more demanding work regimes.

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