Useful Links:

Further information and help for you

Super Yacht UK A very good website offering useful information with a good career section.

Super Yacht Job

Other career information can be found at:

Camper and Nicholson Yacht Crew Careers

Dockwalk Magazine: This is a great magazine for crew. It has really helpful topics and general crew and yachting information. I registered for the emails and magazines (available free online). Excellent information for getting an insight into the industry. Click to visit Dockwalk Magazine

Anther useful magazine aimed for crew is the following:

The Crew Report

Other websites that may be of help:

Work on a Boat


Crew Grapevine in Antibes. Good, clean, nice showers, internet, wash facilities etc., (see the website). The owners are helpful and professional. They now own two crew houses, the Portside and the Seaside. Click here for more information
Glamorgan: Also has a very good name in the industry. More information.


Seafarers tax rules by the tax office (HMRC). Tax rules click here

I used SK Tax to deal with declaring my earnings for tax purposes at the recommendation of my Captain. I found them very helpful and knowledgeable.  More information on their services, click here

Another well respected company is Marine Accounts, they get good reviews on Facebook and through Trust Pilot so worth checking out and are able to help with tax returns and mortgages, check there website out, more information Click Here


You will determine which agents you prefer and find most efficient. The first two agent links listed were the ones I favoured. Everyone will have different views and preferences based on personality and experience and your relationship with that particular agent. It is advisable to register with each agency online before you leave. Most of the agencies use an online system on which you will need to register, showing you are looking for work. You should login at least two days when there. After meeting your agent it is advisable to keep contact weekly.

The recruitment agencies are as follows, click on their names to be directed to their sites

YPI Crew

Blue Water:

 JF Recruiting

Crew Unlimited

Super Yacht Crew Agency

Camper Nicholson 

Luxury Yacht Group



UK Based Training:

UKSA A well established and respected training centre which runs courses on the Isle of Wight.
More information, click here

Red Ensign Training 

I chose the most convenient location for me and went with Cornish Cruising, who ran a good course with a well organised and efficient format.

South of France:

Blue Water run training courses but you would be advised to book before you leave as can get busy 

More information on courses see More Information


To familiarize yourself with the yachts the following links may be of interest.
Superyacht Times: Provides a comprehensive coverage of most the super yachts and is a great way to view them, click link

Top 100 Super yachts: click here to view latest top 100 yachts


Ben Proctor the creator of this website has also written a comprehensive guide to further enhance your knowledge of this industry and to help you stand out with your job search.

 "Work on a Super Yacht: The Beginners Guide" it is an essential read for anyone thinking of working on a super yacht.

Order a paperback edition delivered directly to you home CLICK HERE

Download the book directly to your computer CLICK HERE

Also available on all eReaders formats. 

Fantastic guide, full of practical advice
Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in such a career.”
— Amazon review 5 April 2013