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Working as a couple on a yacht

Working as a Couple on a Super Yacht?

This article was written in response to a question from someone who read my book. I hope it may be useful to some of you reading this now.

Working on a yacht as couple can not only be a test but an incredible time to strengthen a relationship. If you can work together in such close proximity then it is a good indication of something special. It can also provide you both with a great set of life skills and an incredible financial future. I have met several couples who make it work really well. 

Options for finding work as a couple on a yacht:
Some couples look for jobs expressing clearly they are looking for work together. It normally comes down to a Captain’s preference whether he/she accepts couples. While this may limit your options it also stands you in good stead to achieve what you both want. Another option is to find work as a single person, work hard to establish a good reputation, build experience and then approach the Captain when someone leaves to see if they can get their partner on board. As new crew the latter option will more likely increase both your chances and potentially lead to a job together in the future on either of your yachts (you would be unlucky for both yachts to not take couples). 

The larger yachts generally have a bigger staff turnover so these may be good to focus on. They also allow more space from one another if needed. However I do have friends who run a small yacht as a couple, this situation being much more intimate. 

I would see what jobs are offered to you as an individual, look to get your foot in the door, see whether couples are an option and if any crew are leaving. Often a permanent position will not be offered immediately only day work or a trial period. This is therefore a great opportunity to get a feel for the yacht and see whether your partner joining may be an option. If you/your partner get a job first and can establish a good reputation the Captain will not want to lose you and an opening may therefore evolve.

Another option is to be completely honest and look for jobs purely as a couple and not consider anything else. It will probably take longer but you may be happier. Perhaps set a time frame for this then if no luck look for work separately. 

Once you both have a season or twos experience behind you getting work together should be much easier. You may need to look on it as a short term sacrifice for the longer term gain.

There really is no right or wrong way or hard and fast rule. Sometimes it is being in the right place at the right time. 

Good luck with your careers together. 

Written by Ben Proctor

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