finding a job on a super yacht in america

Working on a yacht in the States

Working on a Super Yacht in the United States

A trip to United States of America is somewhere crew enjoy going and can provide a nice contrast from the Caribbean season. As very general rule yachts tend to head to Florida, which offers a great life style for crews on board. Good restaurants, big shopping malls and entertainment parks a car ride away. Time can also offer opportunities to explore the states more during time off as well as great port stops if you are lucky to places like New York, passing the Empire State on a super yacht was something I never did experience, but I hear it is a great way to view it.

Below are a few key highlights of such a season:
-     Some yachts may head directly to the States instead of the Caribbean from October onwards, while some will head to the States during the Caribbean season. 
-    The Fort Lauderdale International Yacht Show runs at the end of October to early November which draws some yachts.   
-    Generally yachts head to the East Coast to places like Florida or even New York. 
-    Some yachts will venture to the West Coast or even venture up to Alaska
-    Fort Lauderale in Florida offers a great place for crew down time with easy access to large amusement parks in Florida as well as great shopping malls for those so inclined. Cruising into New York and passing the Statue of Liberty on a super yacht is also a fantastic thing to experience. Venturing further afield offers some incredible scenary and wildlife to match.
-    America run very strict Visa requirements for people working in America, all yachts heading to these destinations will ensure each crew member has suitable visa in their passports (B1/B2 Visa). For those seeking work out here without a visa be warned that people have been deported for working without a visa, check the US Embassy website for the latest news.

More information on visa available from CLICK HERE  

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Written by Ben Proctor

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