working on a yacht in the mediterranean

Working on a yacht in the Mediterranean?

Working on a Super Yacht in the Mediterranean

Personally this was my favourite season! Europe offers such a diverse cultural experience and incredible places to see. The cruising in the Mediterranean is beautiful with some incredible ports from the small picturesque ports in Italy to some of the larger ports such as Monaco.

Portofino was one of my favourite stops in the Mediterranean but there are numerous others that hold a special magic to them.

I have outline a brief summary of a typical yacht season in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Season
-    Runs from April to October
-    Main places for work Antibes, Palma, Majorca and also other ports along the south coast including Monaco and Cannes. 
-    Crew start looking for work March/April time. By April Antibes will be busy with new crew looking for work
-    The Monaco Yacht Show runs at the end of September and is a good time to secure day work. At this time of year you may also secure a position for a Trans-Atlantic crossing. 
-    The great this about this season is the variety of places you can get to visit and the incredible culture the Mediterranean offers. The Mediterranean is generally more expensive than the Caribbean so nights out meals out can cost more, but being that all your food is provided on-board this is not a significant negative. 
-    Often the Mediterranean season is the busiest of all the seasons with owners and charter guests alike. 
-    If based here for a winter ship yard period crews often head to the Alpes for ski-ing at the weekends. 
-    For those not from the EU you will need to source a Schengen Visa

In my next blog I will cover the Caribbean season, another great season that offers a more laid back atmosphere with a great cocktails and nightlife and some stunning beaches.

Written by Ben Proctor

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