working on a yacht in the pacifi

Working on a yacht in the Pacific

Working on a Super Yacht in the Pacific

This area is growing in popularity with super yachts as guests seek ever more exciting destinations to visit and a change from the more standard Caribbean and Mediterranean seasons. It provides an incredible travel opportunity should you be fortunate to be on a yacht heading to the Pacific.

Below is a brief summary:

-    This is where most yacht crew hope their yacht will take them! This is becoming more popular as owners and guest seek new experiences and adventures. Generally the yachts head here after the Caribbean season in March/April via the Panama Canal.

-    The places that are visited could include Galapagos Islands, Pacific Islands (Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga) around May – September. Then onto New Zealand and Australia in November – May.

-    An incredible adventure awaits those crews fortunate to join a yacht considering this route, which unfortunately the yachts I worked on never venture here. I have been informed by other crew members I met that the Panama Canal is an incredible sight to witness an incredible demonstration of human engineering. The Galapagos Islands I have been told are incredible, one friend was lucky enough to see the islands by air on the yachts own helicopter. Exploring these areas all from a yacht adds to what must already be an incredible experience.

- Australia and New Zealand, both up and coming destinations for super yachts and an increasing number of yachts attend ship yards here, allowing crew to explore these incredible countries.

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Written by Ben Proctor

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